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Blackwing said:
I don't remember where they first said it, but allegedly the reason for why they stopped caring about the update discussion threads was that the news post on the home page has to be transcribed to a different format here on the forum end when made into a thread. At this point in time, they still posted the threads, but they only contained the link to the news post on the home page, along with a message like "how do you feel about this update? share your thoughts below". After that, they just stopped posting the threads entirely.

He's not talking about the lack of recent update thread content, he's talking about how on the news post itself there isn't a link to the relevant thread. Specifically, the comp cape rework newspost has a list of places to discuss it - but doesn't link to the thread on the issue that's in future updates.
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24-Jan-2019 03:02:21

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