Winter Wknds 'fishing' Wknd

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Yum Yum said:
"The Deep Sea Fishing and Fishing winter weekend is active now! Perks include: Access to all players regardless of Fishing level and increased bonus at Fishing Frenzy."

Anyone other then me notice what's wrong with this statement?

If not, it's the fact that it says "Access to all players regardless of fishing level." When in fact you are required to have membership to gain access to the Fishing Guild. So, this statement that was made for this winter weekend is nothing short of a lie. If free to play players can't have access to it, then it's not "access to all players." To me this is just poor wording on Jagex's end .

I also don't see how anyone can access it who can't go in the fishing guild to talk to the NPC, unless they moved the NPC outside the fishing guild.

07-Dec-2018 20:42:59

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