Leaves on Trees Vanished Again

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Is anyone else missing the leaves on their trees (again)? They were there before the update, but they're gone now. NOTE: I have already submitted a bug report; I 'm just curious to see if I'm the only one this has happened to.

03-Dec-2018 21:13:16

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Nope, not just you.

My trees were fine up until this Intel "fix" they applied today for textures people couldn't see. I actually use Intel and never had an issue up until this update. Now my trees are all bare, all non-retro skillcapes have no icons, Runespan runes have no symbols and nodes have no bases, and Alice's facial shaders are missing on the TH board.

The only workaround I found is loading the NXT client in compatibility mode rather than normal/auto, but the game runs terribly for me this way. I'll have to deal with the clunky-ness, I suppose, since things like Runespan are literally unplayable this way.

EDIT, for reference: I also already tried updating my graphics drivers (which were already up to date) and redownloading the cache. No luck.

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Same problem here, also not being able to see the symbols on platforms or runes in runespan [spoiler]The biggest lore nerd you'll ever meet. [darkorchid]Zarosian duh :P[/darkorchid]

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I was having the intel issues since may, they were fixed with the recent update. however just like last time they implemented a "fix" for this exact issue, it lasted a whole two days before reverting. Mod Flaym actually put out the engine work(i assume because he had replied to my thread in the now gone NXT subforum) and I thought these issues would finally be gone. Welp... back to no skillcape icons on non retro capes, no leaves on trees, setting textures to "compressed" or "uncompressed" turns everything black and turning them off completely makes everything look like a blank sheet of printer paper. Really don't know why it's this hard to fix a bug like this, because since May of 2018 they apparently forgot how to do anything.

05-Dec-2018 07:46:19

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Not that weird: the last update was made by Mod Timbo ;)

In all seriousness though I hope they manage to fix this for everyone.
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05-Dec-2018 11:21:41

Varron Maxil
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Varron Maxil

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Same here as of 5th December 2018 - No tree leaves & no bushes visible, which is making a number of quests unplayable.

This bug needs addressed, otherwise I may start requesting a refund!

05-Dec-2018 14:47:53

Dark Guthix
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Glad I'm not the only one that is having this problem.

All of the trees for me have no leaves at all and all of the pine trees are see through including my cosmetic Christmas tree cape.

As for the skill icons on skill capes I don't even see them at all and I think the same goes for any of my other capes too.

Hopefully that this little bug (or is it a big bug) gets fixed.
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Made ya look!! :P

05-Dec-2018 15:10:20

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Well it is late fall, and almost winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

P.S. The leaves are on the trees for me. Could use a few removed from Prifddinas though.

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