Patch Notes - 10/4

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SigBlackfyre said:
dont get me wrong...

if they had done this it would be fine... but no. its not like that

Oh I see what you mean now.
My image is something I created back in 2015 as a suggestion, NOT what is currently in the game. I'm presenting it again now to give an idea to Jagex on improving how the main ability bar looks. (They need to change it anyway to add the sheath button)

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Hols said:
Comment in appreciation of the ability bar change.

I posted this before/after suggestion when additional action bars were added in August 2015:

I think it looks better than what was added today, but I still support the change.


Quick question. Does anyone here use the arrow buttons to go through action bars one at a time?

Ye this one better
Particles for life
Ava sucks
120s (10/26)

10-Apr-2017 21:09:34

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ok but half of the last number of lifepoints is hidden behind the auto-retaliate button <.>
i think the abil bar has been made way too small

also, in the game settings for the buff bar you tick what you want to "hide". it even says in caps "which you DONT want to see" but for me it does the opposite. if i tick it, it will be visible. just a little confusing

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Yeah lets wait another mont when jokex start maybe "fixing" old shit updates .
If you making updates pls fakk sake chek like 135980175938 times if you made it right or not .
Abiliti bar like wtf each time i must now use game settings and so wtff and open new window each time fuck why? Plz fix it next monday atleast ! dam frog updates

10-Apr-2017 21:19:05

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mrgrumblebum said:
At least you guys can play the game with the ability bars locked in open. Some of us had them minimised and now cant open them so we are unable to play. Another ridiculous untested update. Which I'm sure the paying members wont be compensated for. So glad they put profit before players wtg jagex.

u can still... u need to go into settings and activate an ability bar... then u can right click on the bar number to switch them... pain in the ass... dumb update.. we should be used to that from jagex by now

10-Apr-2017 21:37:41

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Mod Shauny said:
I'm so glad you like the Rune Pouch Warning & Buff Bar stuff.

The Reflect timer was accidentally removed by me so I've re-added that for the next update, sorry about that! :(

I've also done the following for next Monday

- Made the AoD curses fitler on 'Prayers'
- Clan Avatar Buffs now filter on 'Skilling'
- Fixed the Invention typo in the Invention Perks filtering
- Fix the extra 0 showing up on Wise
- Added Reflect timer back
- Berserk Essence now has a Cooldown icon
- If you load Interface presets, 2, 3 and 4 they'll now keep the Debuff icon in the right place.

Hope you're all enjoying it, sorry for the little issues! :(

way to avoid the biggest issue which is the non collapsing ability bar and no sheathe/unsheathe option lol

10-Apr-2017 21:44:26

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I'm not going rage like some of these people, but I have to admit that this update had some serious issues.

Frankly, the fact that the update was released in this state is disappointing enough. That no fixes have been made by now is just bad. At the very least, the action bar should have been reverted until you fix the show/hide button.

As for the resized action bar itself, people throwing a temper tantrum over it is just stupid. That said, I am among those that would have liked an option to resize the bar.

Considering the vast majority of UI elements can be resized, I've always found it odd that the action bar options are so limited. I initially assumed that it was because it has interactive options in it that can be changed, so the bar needed to remain a certain size. Then I realized that the inventory window would have the same problem. Yet the inventory window can be resized far more.

Because of that, I am kind of annoyed that we can't resize it more. It was fairly simple to design a UI that looked good and was useful with the old size, and now I need to resize things again, because of this change. Considering I still want the action bar to be the center of my UI grouping, this is slightly annoying. That said, it is a very slight annoyance, and I'm more annoyed that there's no resizing options than I am that the default size was changed. Overall, I'm fine with it.

No one should be completely unable to cope with the change. Those ranting and raving about how this ruined their entire UI and how PvM is impossible or whatever are idiots, plain and simple.

On another note, the cache compression seems to be bugged as well. My cache is 11.4GB, and won't go any lower than that. I think I have tried everything but deleting the cache, because the entire point of this was that the cache would be compressed, and I'm pretty sure Jagex made an announcement that the cache should not be deleted.

10-Apr-2017 22:01:02

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