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Will conquest nxt camera ever be fixed :(? Zaros is evil: "Zaros plainly requested the use of twelve legions of demons. (..) Zaros offered the secrets of travel between the worlds, to allow the Chthonians to devour whole new races rather than be reduced to preying on each other." From Sliske's Memory

10-Apr-2017 13:56:01

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Lions RAWR said:
Adamant and rune dragon bones have had their names and examines changed to Hardened dragon bones and Reinforced dragon bones respectively.

What a horrible name for these bones.

Not even sure why you needed to call them this

Names needed to be changed cause of gemstone dragons dropping adamant dragon bones, that didn't make sense.
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10-Apr-2017 13:58:14

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"Attuned crystal seeds can now be equipped in the pocket slot."

Fantastic. I'm glad they took this suggestion on board.

"All Priffdinas thieving clan cooldowns"

Before you decry Jagex, stop and think - Is the reason for your displeasure Jagex in general or just a certain part of it, like the TH Team? Always consider this before yelling at innocent people, and aim your bile where it's deserved.

10-Apr-2017 13:59:55

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