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Jack Flac
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Jack Flac

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SO I submitted a bug report in game, but figured I post here as well. The Debuff bar does not allow you to save it's position in the interface. You can move it to where you want, save a custom layout, but when you load that custom layout, the debuff bar returns to it's default position it was placed in when the update went live. Why no game balance in RS3 Jagex || VN discussion Thread
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yes TacoTaco
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Draco Burnz said:

Yet you can still use

yes TacoTaco said:
is going to get buried 6 feet in the ground
soon by this year.

Of course you can still use Java until somewhere by the end of this year, thing is it's confirmed that Java will be no longer be developed alongside for new updates fitted for NXT and by then you're left out from participating in any future content or possibly that Java is no longer an option for you to play on. Already back then it's also confirmed that 70% of the player base is on NXT. If you're still stuck to your old methods, well then, your minority is shrinking down the drain ;)

It's fair enough to say if you're using the old client you're just holding back the game from progression, and it's either you adapt or quit :P

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brave taife
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brave taife

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I read the patch notes thoroughly but did not see a patch for items to change appearance in bank and inventory.
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I have entered many bug reports on this issue maybe posting here will get more attention. Keep up the great work this is an awesome game to play and notwithstanding some minor glitches with NXT its a fabulous client.
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18-Apr-2017 19:06:01

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