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Hey all,

This week we've made the world of Gielinor look 'A lot like Christmas'. and made a huge amount of changes

You can read the news post in full here. What are your thoughts?
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Why can't you guys copy and paste the news on the forums these days? Some of us have issues loading the main news page on RuneScape!!!
Veteran RuneScape players such as user "Haseyo Vii" aren't lucky enough to have a $1,500 computer to load up your LONG news posts! How can we read the news if you don't post it on the FORUMS also?
Is this your way of SLOWLY REMOVING the forums from RUNESCAPE completely? Just be honest!
I will be leaving a THUMBS DOWN when I log out of RuneScape today!
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Lots of fixes - looking good :)

Lots of good fixes also - this is how a patch week has to look like. Thank you :)

"Adjusted values of shiny-boosting traits to Sparkling (+1%), Glistening (+1.5%) and Radiant (+2.5%) (which is an increase overall if you stack all three on the same animal)."

Errr... what was the adjustment? That are the current values.
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Thanks Jagex
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26-Nov-2018 14:00:35

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Tenebri said:
Blackwing said:
Winter filler and handouts it is... very disappointed.

you always are.

amen to that. 0/5 post from him as per usual.

thanks for the update though.

E: wait If a pet you owned is no longer unlocked, it will now be removed from the summon cycle when you add a new pet to it

how do you lock a pet?

E2: telling me i cant equip my snowboard.
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