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David James said:
I like the idea behind all PvM just giving coin drops, but once the influx of raw gold entering the game reaches a certain point, it's gonna be hard to buy anything with gold as the buying power of each gold piece will diminish dramatically. Then you'll start to gravitate more towards item for item trades rather than items for gold, further hurting PvM and encouraging scamming/trust trades and the like.

This would turn gold more into a resource than a currency, reason being is that anyone can alt-scape easy PvM (not just bosses) and get gold (not wealth as currently via items), directly hurting the buying power instead of getting items(wealth that can be turned into gold).. It might seem like arguing semantics, but directly adding the gold in hurts the value of gold, whilst adding in items worth gold only hurts the items which are added, depending on supply/demand.

I'll admit I'm thinking extremely long term and years into the future (where multiple skill reworks could happen). Assuming if future potential skill reworks which are predominantly non combat centered would end up being similiar to how the M&S overhaul happened in that it removed ores/bars from drop tables - I suspect this would be the case for other skills and their respective materials.

So, if that done that it would theoretically mean all skilling materials (food, potions etc.) would only be entering the game through the skilling community meaning the PVM community would always be buying the supplies thus should act as a money sink to what they would be getting through PVM? At least in terms of taking it from the PVM side of things that is and putting it into the hands of the skilling community who would then, very likely, buy such and such skilling materials off each other.

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David James
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David James

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Theoretically that'd be the case, but the more I ponder on just straight gold drops the more I see it only hurting the long term. Currently the addition (not hand-changing) of gold is heavily dependent on alching. Yes other parts of the game add gold directly but not nearly as much.

When you change the rewards of PvM to give gold directly instead of wealth to trade for gold; you're turning it more into a resource to be farmed rather than a currency.

Whilst not necessarily a bad thing at first glance; the only thing it'd do is make PvM worse over time as either all mobs give roughly the same gold/hr to prevent a lot of dead content which in itself creates dead content as people will just do the easiest PvM.


You get gold creep. The newest PvM content has to give the best gp/hr to make people wanna do it; resulting in gold rates easily exceeding 10-100m/hr just to keep up. Disregarding uniques simply because of the balancing needed after their value drops over time anyway to make sure the "Wealth" p/h remains the same and it doesn't become dead content by easier PvM with the same earnings.

The demand for raw resources will pretty much always be constant, resulting in a stable value relative to the value of the currency at the time (and demand ofc).

With pumping gold in through PvM, skilling will actually be unaffected as any gains in profit/hr over time are countered by the drop in the buying power of gold. Meanwhile all PvM content will only get worse over time as more gold is added into the game.

Meaning you'd have to constantly update the drop amounts to counter the inflation, which just results in devaluing gold even more.

I know technically it can be done, but eventually it WILL reach the point where you can't buy anything with gold. Once you give out raw currency in vast amounts (not wealth as PvM currently gives) it pretty much becomes worthless.

14-Jan-2019 20:30:39

a Failure
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a Failure

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You're sure right about injecting coins. If the economy is stagnant or if the supply/demand and flow don't keep pace with the increases, then it would be catastrophic. Lots of things would need to change, not just a willy-nilly alteration in PvM. It would have to be carefully planned from the bottom up.

And I seem to have hijacked your thread a bit, which wasn't my intent. My apologies.

Just struck me that if you were getting coins instead of rune drops, you would have been spared the pain of the recent changes. Frustrating.

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David James
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David James

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Nah it's all good, the discussion is about PvM drops changing and so is changing them to coins. IMO technically not hijacking ;) I'm a rather chill person when I wanna be.

Tbh it'd probably work perfectly now that I think about it if repair costs were adjusted to compensate, possibly removing any non-coin repair methods. The influx of coins countered by needing the coins themselves to repair armors.

15-Jan-2019 20:52:44

Aqua Star

Aqua Star

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I think it should go back to how it was when they dropped ores and bars. That was great. Now what's an unfun environment when you talk to people and see nonsense being said and stuff like that

16-Jan-2019 00:07:27

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