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As soon as the update came out one of my chin pens stopped breeding. Now the two pens have stopped breeding all together. I've swapped out the food, cleaned out the pens regularly, just in case, had a few days with farm hands, a few days without, swapped my breeding chins around, checked and rechecked that I haven't accidentally put two of the same gender together (which I haven't). Please can you fix this. It is really getting frustrating, and nothing, as far as I'm aware, that I can do will solve my issues.
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12-Feb-2019 12:28:39

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Getting the same problem with me but for dragons. I have a pair in a large pen and a pair in breeding pen, Don't think I've gotten a single egg since update. (This should never happen, I always have had 3-4 dragons growing since I got my farm up and running). I had to go to w2 to buy some eggs because I was completely empty
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13-Feb-2019 00:14:57

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Chins are only 30% chance to breed in breeding pen and 80% for dragons in breeding pen. They're lower chances in the regular pens. So it's just bad luck. Dont take the animals out of the pen because it resets their time for their next breeding cycle.

Go to your items kept on death interface to see if you keep them on death or not.

18-Feb-2019 11:01:13

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