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Hey all,

The Chef's Sssistant & Quest Improvements update news post can be found here

What are your thoughts?

Mod Poerkie
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HASEYO Vii has already completed this content! It's very well done, good job Jagex! Keep up the work, and we can't wait for mobile!

Very interesting you
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also! Excited to see how that works out!

le meme has arrived

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is it that quick lol

nvm its f2p even better don't even need to get mems at all this year then gg.
Also once again, just go to a different area if you dont like the "spam".

Nothing will come from complaining about it.

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Draco Burnz said:
Blackwing said:
Hopefully the new cheesecakes won't be dead content. *fingers crossed*

Does it really matter if it is?

Of course; it's a waste of development time and resources to make something that nobody uses. :P
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11-Feb-2019 11:15:18

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