Sliske's Endgame replayability

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Haven't done Sliske's endgame yet but thanks, would've been in such a moral dilemma if I were to do this without knowing what the other choices would bring.

Also, not complaining really, but I'm wondering when the other elite skilling outfits will be obtainable in-game, like the hunter/wc ones. Bit disappointed you can't get them yet, not even from Treassure Hunter and that makes me a sad shadow dragoon.

Keep doing what you're doing mates. :)

29-Jan-2018 11:16:00

Angel Quartz
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Angel Quartz

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Was it worth the developing time though? Are there really that much people willing to replay the Quest? Was it really something the players asked or something the Devs wanted to see in game?

You can pretty much find all transcripts from this quest on the Wikia, and since your choices don't really make a real difference to the outcome of the quest, I doubt that many people will be willing to go over the Maze and Boss fight just to read some extra dialogue :(

29-Jan-2018 11:18:59

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- It would be nice if you could just bind actionbars to a combat theme (aka range/mage/melee) instead of specifying if dual-wield or 2handed. That would make the qol-update of action bar binding really good.
- Making more useful items from Treasure Hunter achieveable through ingame content is really good, thats how it should be.
- The lore-lovers will definitely appreciate the ability to replay Sliskes endgame, for me personally doing that maze once was enough :-P

Thanks for the update!

29-Jan-2018 11:51:03

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