Christmas cracker paper

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Darn rewards are all items I was collecting.. Is the target on me that big?? I'm sure this was intentionally meant to screw me over again. Meditation rests not enough re run every token I collect + 4 rares… good job.. The ones I don't really collect like zombie token doesn't get re run.

Definitely very upsetting with these rigged updates that favor JMod friends wot gain wealth and regular players = no chance.

I'm more opt not to renew membership and switch games. Disgusted how you can favor phat owners and ruin everyone else merches so frequently with no cares in the world.

Merry Christmas!


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Best wishes to all.
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On a personal level, not really, except for some minor Construction experience. However, it seems that it is another community event. Progress is made as a community, so submitting paper helps everyone.

That's if you believe the blurb you get if you investigate the paper.

17-Dec-2018 19:40:21

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I was kinda hoping that, aside from contributing to the community progress, more papers would mean a higher chance on cosmetics opposed to the other rewards (bucket of milk for example). It's ok though, hope we reach 100% soon.

17-Dec-2018 21:36:46

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If you play quite a bit, the Paper comes to you quite often, so feel free to add it. Reserve 100 in your bank just in case you can't play and you need to add for the next cycle.

I think I've added close to a couple thousand this first day.

Free construction xp, plus it helps it along to its next cycle.
Bite me.

18-Dec-2018 00:04:58

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