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honestly jmod/s u make me laugh asf

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pvm AND PVP?? PVP?????

OPVPPPPP????????????????? PVVVVVPPPPP????????

honestly u guys are really shit at this, not even an update this week again and you have some muppet making patch notes and etc

give it up, focus on OS hh

when u update pvp in rs3, rs3 wil have 1 player left
Items lost to technical error: barrow nox bow, training shield, superior death lotus hood
pvp? 1 v 1 me
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28-Jan-2019 12:40:40

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Lol. Even though we just had a huge update a few weeks ago you expect yet another one, so soon?

Also, there were some good quality-of-life (my term, lol) tweaks this week...such as the Elves necklace will now send our ores directly to the furnace bank. And we can toggle it on and off. Excellent.

Yeah, you'd probably better just leave.

28-Jan-2019 14:04:52

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