Forgotten POF update ?

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Unleashed jr
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Unleashed jr

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Maybe im posting this too soon

Sneaking into January is an addition to one of the favourite updates of 2018: the Player Owned Farm. We're going to be bringing more love to it with Farmhands and an Animal Barn. These are two Game Jam-produced beauties, and it's worth taking a moment to note that TAPP will be returning this year, so you can expect more updates like them.

You can probably guess how these two updates will be benefiting you: Farmhands will be purchasable with beans and will help look after your pens, while the barn will give much-needed space to store your animals.

Was looking forward to this, now i know the month still hs a few days left ......

Or am i just overlooking this small piece of update in the patchnotes ??

Kind regards

28-Jan-2019 11:30:30

Captain Jim
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Apparently delayed as deliver what you promised on time is no longer an option. Default options are deliver late or deliver crappy version.
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28-Jan-2019 12:49:59

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