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Hey all, we've been seeing the reaction to the Chatbox update we released with Monday's update, and I'd like to use this post to explain what our next steps are for it.

Addressing issues

Let's jump straight into it.

- We'll be changing our Chatbox a fair bit, I have a mockup here for you to check out, which we hope will address the following.
- Brings back the chat buttons, whilst also reorganising them. The game messages/broadcasts are kept in one section whereas your multiple chat filters are in another.
- Allows you to minimise the chatbox if you're happy with your options giving you more room for your chat
- Moves some of the other chatbox options into the Settings button which retains the dynamic component we used in this update, but allows us to make the chatbox more streamlined
- Showing coloured tooltips to indicate the option choices for each chat button.


With the chatbox update on Monday we made optimisation changes which weren't mentioned and I think should be.

- Removed over 100 hardcoded buttons (embedded into each interface)
- Centralised all filter and action button code (including with legacy mode, which was previously hardcoded) so it all works from one location
- Moved all of the chat filter settings into data structures rather than being set in script, so that future additions can be made very quickly.
- Cleaned up other redundant code in the middle and removed some code that was duplicated in client/server
- Overall removed 685 lines of repeated code

As of the time of this post we don't have an ETA for these changes but I wanted to post this to assure you all that we are planning to address the issues that have been raised.

We hope this restores the experience you had before, while at the same time bringing in some cool additions/optimisations. Let us know your feedback on the mockup!
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05-Jul-2017 17:27:50

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Any chance we can ever get an option to customise what is filtered by the filter option, some messages I dont want to see arnt filtered and some I do want to see are filtered and I imagine everyone wants to see different messages, also how about an option to toggle off skill related broadcasts (levels 99s 120 etc) and another option to toggle off drops separately, I like seeing people get cool items on my world but couldn't care less about 99s and what not these days??

05-Jul-2017 17:35:18

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That is going to make things much easier. What I pushed for was an option to have it as it were, or to have it as it is now, but this is a good compromise. Thank you for listening to our feedback! my entire life is sarcasm
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05-Jul-2017 17:43:05

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I was really looking forward to the update where each chatbox was going to act as the 'All Chat' tab, and we could filter each one out individually to our preferences.

I would like to see data on how many individual chat boxes people have in their interfaces as this update could benefit a lot more people instead of having tabs everywhere.

FC, CC and GCC could also benefit from using custom symbols instead of /, // and /// to direct.

A lot really can be done to improve the chatboxes.

In addition:
- Custom 'Broadcast' filter - Being able to turn off HCIM deaths, people getting 99s, Friends only, Pets etc.
- Broadcast messages for FC and CC - Affected by filter. Option for FC and CC to turn them off.
- More settings in general to improve the gameplay experience

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