Henrietta Buying Roosters

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The Grunt
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The Grunt

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I am still fairly new to POF but one of the things I came to understand is that if you provide a buyer with the correct breed they ask for, you get 10% more beans. If this is the case, then why does Henrietta ask for roosters, yet roosters still give the same amount of beans as any of the different breeds of hens? Is this an oversight? Is it intended to be this way? It makes it hard to try and breed for specific chickens when the requested breed doesn't give any extra beans.

15-Jan-2019 20:31:02

Mini JIT
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Mini JIT

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Age of the animal also effects the price so say you sell a adult rooster and adolescent other chicken the price might work out the same. The older the animal the less beans you get but more farming xp, its up to you what you want more. I don't think its worth the time for the extra 10% to try and give exactly what they want unless you have a really large stock otherwise just sell whatever you have.

16-Jan-2019 11:31:56

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