Budget Brews or not?

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yes TacoTaco
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yes TacoTaco

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Sooo we got some new budget brews with their healing capacity per Inventory slot being twice lower than the standard flask but more importantly they don't reduce your offensive stats. Not sure how it will fare against Super Brews even considering how they don't impact your offensive stats :)

05-Mar-2018 14:25:58

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I don't think the new food is really that useful other than being cheaper. Stat lowering effects of brews can be offset with super restores typically in a 3-1 ratio. New fish actually uses up more inventory slots to provide the same healing effects as brew since they heal far less.

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Treating the blue jellies as sara brews is the exact wrong way to use them. You treat the blue jellies as food. They replace rocktails and guthix rests. In terms of inventory planning, you can bring 2 jellies per brew, as opposed with rocktails 6 per brew.

You can combo blue jellies with sara brews for 2k heals a tick with no adrenaline loss. This alone is amazing. This is like eating a shark with no adren loss, meaning you can finally heal up mid ultimate rotation without having to worry about DPS loss. Best food for DPS roles by far for this reason alone. You can combo blue jellies with sara brews AND another piece of food. Sailfish soup is 2600, so you can heal 4.6k in a single tick (1000+1000+2600).

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