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Sorry about the pun butter I just had too :P. The new quest chef's assistant needs 38 cooking because of the pat of butter. Because I'm an Ironman I can't shop til I drop so if anyone else knows how to get dat butter at Level 32 cooking do tell plox. :) It wasn't not an issue, I just cooked up a 38 storm level. Noice quest btw although wasn't impressed that there was not a slice in it for me after the cooks had their way. Anyway hope this spreads :P

15-Feb-2019 06:51:03

Mod Helen

Mod Helen

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If you don't have the Cooking level for making butter, the Head Chef will offer to sell you some butter at the point where he says "I need you to bring cream cheese, a pot of cream, biscuits and a cake tin, so I can show you how to make cheesecake." If you're not seeing that option, please submit a bug report so we can look into it :) RuneScape Lead Technical Content Developer

15-Feb-2019 09:58:07

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