Im 200 mil mining 120 smith

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War Wraith
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War Wraith

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What kind of Crap update is this you just ruined rune prices and made it so you need a billion gp to make an elite set of Armor out of Torva and Mal someone like me who has trained these skills already gets what ? I dont see anything pretty Piss Poor Update

07-Jan-2019 16:03:20

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This has been in the works for years. There has been open betas and lots of information about this update. It was widely known rune would become less valuable. New items are always expensive. This is a piss poor thread and it's amazing someone as stupid as you has stats like that.

07-Jan-2019 16:07:14

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War Wraith said:
when you make an update you make it to benifit all or its not worth all the trouble to making it

By that logic, there would be no new content when one person completes something. Which would cause the game to become dead. You are not very intelligent I see.

07-Jan-2019 16:19:39

Fire Hawk154

Fire Hawk154

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Atleast you don't have to train those skills anymore though. But yeah you could've seen from the beta and design documents that the rework wouldn't be that great at all.
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07-Jan-2019 16:27:13

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