increase in price for TH Keys

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I have bought keys in the past and was thinking about another purchase soon, however, when i discovered the increase in price i was put off.

The increase in price for keys has made me change my mind because i don't think the value of the product is good enough to justify an increase.

FYI Jagex
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29-Jan-2019 21:41:26

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They increased the price of TH keys to adjust for the increased in price of membership. The same adjustment also resulted in increase of prices in Bonds and Runecoins.

Do you think the values of the membership, bonds and Runecoins products are not good enough to justify the increase?

Anyway, the increase in prices of membership, TH keys, bonds and Runecoins were not recent. It way more than 6 months ago.

29-Jan-2019 22:12:27

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