Corrupted Ore No Swamp Tar???

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I'm smelting Corrupted Ore in Priffy with the Voice on in Trah and I'm not getting any swamp tar. I've done ove 2K corrupted ore without a single swamp tar.

Was this something that changed with the smithing overhaul?

Also, since the mining overhaul, I haven't received a single gem or geode when mining Red Sandstone and I mine it every day. Once again, is this something that was intentionally changed with the overhaul?

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Reddit is the more popular place for RuneScape discussions. You could also try Twitter. The Official Forums are definitely not the place for those seeking answers to questions.

RuneScape Reddit:

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Possibly intended since they removed all existing mining/smithing related benefits from the trah hour - so from a purely technical perspective - it isn't bugged..

If it is intended design wise - not too sure. You might want to ask having it re-implemented
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