Geode's rarity?

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with sedimentary being the most commen geodes how rare are morphic ones? and others as ive not had any but most my friends have atleast 3 by now and ive been mining longer than them can sumone explain if there is a setting to turn em off or watever??

09-Jan-2019 12:23:47

Indy Cision
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Indy Cision

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You have the same chance of getting a geode every time you mine ore.
Sedimentry geodes are for the 8 lowest "metal ores" (up to and including rune)
Igneous geodes are for the 9 above rune (so Orichalcite upwards)

There is a 1% chance that any Igneous geode is changed to a Metamorphic one.
Sedimentry cannot do this - so you will only get Metamorphics on Orichalcite and higher.

09-Jan-2019 12:57:03

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