Bane +4 pickaxe VS Dragon

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I was just looking at the level requirements, and the price for both in the GE. While I'm mining Bane ore with a Dragon pickaxe, it says I have a lower level axe than what I'm mining, so I get reduced rates. So I went to buy a Bane pickaxe, figuring with the re-work it is what I should be using now, but the price seems backwards to me. The Dragon is way up at m while the Bane is virtually nothing. I assume this is just caused by the release of the rework. I'm assuming that Dragon pick is no longer second only to the crystal, and that most wiki's and sites are not up to speed with the new mining and smiting? I'm going back to Bane now, and I'm assuming I will no longer have reduced rates. Just wondering what's up with their price, and making sure I should be using the Bane pickaxe and sell off the old Dragon.

Just saw the rock penetration numbers, and increased rates. Prices are still weird, but lower levels would need the dragon axe I guess.

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1. Dragon is a super rare drop, while bane can be mass produced.
2. Dragon (lvl60), crystal (lvl70), imcando (lvl80), and earth and song (lvl90) picks can be augmented, while the basic metal picks cannot.
3. Dragon picks are used in the creation of both the crystal and imcando picks. Each of those is then used in the creation of the earth and song pick (i.e. you need 2 dragon picks to make the earth and song pick).

That's why the dragon pick is so expensive whilst having poor stats.

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