Patch Notes 21/08

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Thank You, dear Jagex you are great, GUTHIX will praise you one day, i cried a little when Guthix died he was and still could be my favorite god in all of rs. it broke my <3 that day i sorta resorted to skipping thru the lore nowadays =/

21-Aug-2017 11:32:12

Pkemon Dork
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You put:

P2P off-hand equipment from bronze to rune that isn't otherwise locked behind membership (such as darts, throwing axes, claws, defenders and some low-level shields) can now be equipped in F2P.

But then go on to say

P2P mainhand claws, darts and throwing axes from bronze to rune can now be equipped in F2P.

You should remove the darts, throwing axes, claws from the prior note, since they're not really locked behind membership if you're giving F2P access to them.

21-Aug-2017 11:36:33

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