Patch Notes 21/08

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Thanks for the patches, looking good!
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21-Aug-2017 12:38:06

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Now these are some great and necessary patches that do not focus on bosses.

Like this one right here. I almost lost everything once by clicking on a tablet someone gave me without knowing it would actually teleport me to the wilderness without giving me any warning.

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• Resolved an issue with some teleport tablets not giving Wilderness Warning to players and updated the warning screen.

And it's also nice to finally see a little bit more variety to f2p.

Oh, and the patch on livid farm. I've never done livid farm before but i've read a lot about how awful it is, so this has to be a good thing right?

21-Aug-2017 13:14:38

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Mod Shauny said:

The North Ardougne Teleport Lunar Spell will now transport the player to the Ardougne farming patch north of the city.

The South Falador Teleport Lunar Spell will now transport the player to the Falador farming patch south of the city.

My only Gripe with this change is that the previous locations of both those spells helped with doing clues.

But, now that farming is made easier, I suppose it was good.
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21-Aug-2017 13:53:50

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Mod Shauny said:
A floating wall torch in Pollnivneach has been fastened down in accordance with Kharidian safety guidelines.

I want to thank Jagex Dev team for, once again, assuring our safety in a crowded city of the Kharidian Desert against evil floating wall torches of doom by bringing us this change of uttermost importance. Again, Thank You. *Golf Clap*

Ah, what is better than to troll trolls on a Monday morning? Well, for a start remembering those trolls about "Unfinished Business" they talked about and pointing out that this patch is, once again, devoid of any real significance.

Cya next week folks!

21-Aug-2017 14:11:22

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