Cracker junk drops :(

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been opening it daily, 0 tokens, like its supposed to be a Christmas event and they cant even make the drop rate of the tokens high enough to get a single token in 50+ boxes opened, and its not just me this seems to be what 90% of players are experiencing...

02-Jan-2019 21:08:56

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Went to it about four times since it was implemented, haven't returned since then because the rewards are a pile of arse and I'm just letting the wrapper or whatever the token for it is called pile up in my bank. I sincerely hope that isn't the actual holiday event.

06-Jan-2019 16:33:46

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Pippyspot said:
I got an off-hand turkey yesterday ^_^
People are still ticked off about the fact they brought it back the first time. Since they brought it back twice, so many people have gotten it and nobody really wants it. It is similar to the Fish Mask as in nobody wants it, but that is unobtainable.
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