Alchemical Onyx

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Cheers for the new alchemical onyx items; grace of the elves is my personal favorite because I like the improvements to skilling! > )

Don't really care about MA too much one way or another, but the trim comp req was annoying so it's good that there's one less forced co-op req.

Winter weekends section is missing at the time I'm writing this, but I'd still ask that you cancel the remaining winter weekends, because it forces players who don't want to miss out on temporary bonuses to play more than they otherwise would. People can already easily be very busy this month in preparation for Christmas, so adding extra pressure in a game they play in their spare time isn't really healthy for the game.


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There will also be a different promotion on Treasure Hunter each day, but these will be time-limited – once they’re gone, they’re gone. Throughout all of the different promotions, Treasure Hunter players will have the chance to win Christmas Loot pinatas which you can smash open for assorted festive-themed loot and prizes!

Please remove Treasure Hunter. Having it run alongside the advent calendar just makes you guys look like you're offering the calendar as product placement, rather than genuinely wanting to give free stuff.
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