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with regards the individual reward redistributions, I am very disappointed in their choices:

• Lower tier Imbued rings to SoulWars - OK-ish, the only one that I can partially get behind.
SWs did need new (additional) rewards, but it remains boostable, and doesn't have a good rewards system. The rings are imbued and there's not a lot of link to SWs, with that, unless they've changed it to being imbued with souls.

• Higher tier rings to Raids - while it's good that they are trying to keep group-content relevant, Raids already have a decent set of rewards, and are just about the least deserving group content, to have more stuff.
Imbuing came from Minigames, and should have stayed from Minigames.
Regardless of my reservations for the Miningame being SWs, they should have been put there, or at another Minigame.
Risk is not a factor, as you're using up equipment charges, risking time, and paying for supplies; you can make it take longer to obtain, if needing a necessary off-set - there is no reason high tier stuff should not come from Minigame content, if the content is balanced.
Having worthwhile rewards to aim for, while going for trim, means people would actually use that time to play, rather than AFK - they're spending time there for that, so can't complain about time taken.

(more on that, later.)

• Locators - What? They said they would be removing those, as they were not something that could be made relevant, in today's game..
These should have gone to a Minigame, not a skill.
They magically find out they're able to make them up-to-date, when they aren't coming from Minigames? Talk about prejudicial treatment.

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Yusou Bhoroi

Yusou Bhoroi

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• Outfits - Well, as far as I'm concerned, nothing should be going to Thaler, given it's a reward for AFKing in Minigames. As it is, they were, like almost every Thaler-shop item, vastly underpriced, compared to the time investment they previously required (even if you assume the person was boosting MA); what's more, they are all the same price.. when they were progressive unlocks, with each stage being a further challenge.
The only positive factor in all that, is that it's not a reward from an existing Minigame (now that MA is removed), so it isn't stealing rewards directly from one.

• Titles - Pretty much the same as the outfits, and it makes little sense that NPCs would give you that accolade, for doing something completely unrelated.

• Investment Credits - Well, I'm glad they gave something for these, but given the value of credits, to what you had to put in, it should have been 1 Credit = 2.5 GP (could have been 1=3), given the way they are calculated, vs items' values.

• Reward Credits - These should have been 1 Credit = 7 GP, if keeping roughly the same raito.

In my (biased) opinion, all the non-cosmetic rewards should have gone to GoP, as it has no unique rewards, and desperately needs something. The items (Imbuing, and locating), both involve magic, and imbuing, which are key aspects of Runecrafting.

Their argument that "combat equipment shouldn't come from non-combat content" is just ridiculous.. there are entire skills based around that premise, and several that have a large element of providing things for combat.

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Yusou Bhoroi

Yusou Bhoroi

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CuddleBucket said:
I've heard some people say they can't see the spirit in crowded places.

A possible solution could be to in some way make it stand out like divine fire spirits do.

Unfortunately that wouldn't help, as the issue is that it simply isn't rendering the Spirit, so there's nothing to click on (changing the appearance of something that isn't rendering, won't make it easier to find, due to it not being there to find).

The same issue happens with Carpet dust, and a coupe of more obscure things.

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