Glorious Bars: Still Crashing

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Uncle Pob said:
Matchgirl42 said:
Heh. They made all of the pieces, as well as the ores and materials for masterwork non-alchable. Meaning it has no price floor whatsoever, aside from the alch value of the lower bars that go into making it - which are rock bottom/way too low.

No wonder the value is crashing hard.

There technically doesn't need to be a hard price-floor for Masterwork.

Since Masterwork only comes into the game when someone spends hours (and a ton of materials) making it, the price-floor will be the point below which nobody is prepared to make the set in the first place.

If people are still willing to make, and sell, Masterwork at such low prices - *that* is a problem: if someone's time is so worthless to them they'd willingly waste it making gear which isn't very profitable. As long as there are a few people willing to actually make and sell Masterwork for 1gp, it could potentially sink that low because everyone else would just stop making the items altogether.

That's...not how the G.E., street price, guide price and demand works.

If there are a few people putting masterwork armor on the G.E. for 1gp, but there are a lot of people putting it on the G.E. for, say, 10mill gp each, then the global price is going to be closer to the 10mill gp price. For masterwork armor to bottom out at or close to 1gp, nearly everyone has to be listing it for that price. Which isn't going to happen.

It takes the merchanting clans a lot of players to manipulate prices that way.

How the price floor/alch price works is that's a guarantee of value; people who want to alch (whether to make money alone, or make money and train magic) supply the demand at or near that price, regardless of supply.

Another problem is having masterwork and other upgraded armor become untradeable as soon as it's equipped, but the larger problem by far is no/too low alch value.

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Wacky Farmer said:
Steelweaver said:
I'm just going to say this now: I strongly think they need to increase the time it takes to SMITH masterwork, even if the devs think it will do "nothing".

Starting recovery plans now is a lot easier than doing it later, and it will certainly have an effect if you double (or hopefully IMO, triple) the crafting time for FUTURE sets.

EDIT: Going to drag this in here too:

Steelweaver said:
I don't mind that this will eventually even out: that's not the problem here. Basic mining and smithing shouldn't be that amazingly profitable anyways, and I never expected it to be anyways.

My sole problem lies in that, yes, the devs DID underestimate the entirety of the Masterwork system and are (essentially) saying now that they won't fix it because "the damage is done". Which is more of a reason to fix it than any.

The ludicrous 100hr craft time and 1,200 bars (as I said pre-rework) should've been the baseline, but so many people said that that was "too long". It's BiS gear. Paired with the custom-fitting they brought in, having an insane craft time would've been perfect and turned a LOT more people away from it.

Now, maybe it wouldn't have been perfect. Maybe these opinions are completely incorrect?
Don't know. But I do know the current system doesn't work, and it needs to change beyond the "we need an additional sink".

gives no exp hell no don't triple time takes to make

That's a very extremely purposeful design choice.

If it gave any semblance of xp/hr, people would be even more inclined to make it (when it was supposed to be the high-level smithing gp/hr).
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Aria Ventus
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Nex is Life said:
Aria Ventus said:
After saying this, RNGesus will probably want to be a jerk by giving you only runite stone spirits for every Solak or AOD kill.
That's fine since I haven't killed either of those bosses in months.

So if you haven't checked out the drop tables of high level pvm
after the update
, why bring it up in the first place?

Aria Ventus said:

High level PvM is what is actually profitable and actually requires effort. Otherwise everyone would do it and it wouldn't be profitable.
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