seren spirits run off too fast

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In the chaos of so many players and familiars whilst mining. I find my seren spirits scamper off or get lost in the pets/players and I can not find then before they disappear.I play close attention as I keep my bar up for the better xp and watch for rockortunities faithfully. Still I lose my seren spirits amidst all the players and familiars. Sometimes those tricky spirits can run ever so fast. Is there any way They can be either slowed down or perhaps made more stationary perhaps given a smaller roam area?
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Nothing needs to change for seren spirits, the whole point of them is to reward those who are paying attention - anything that makes them slower etc. just gradually moves towards defeating their intended purpose as it allows players to AFK instead of discourage it then we'll have people saying they keep missing them as they continue to try to push the limit higher in any way possible.

If you're paying attention you'll almost always catch them in time - even if there's a lot of people; during the release at the dark animica ores in the empty throne room? I didn't miss a single one and they were always spawning underneath people etc. the audio prompt will help you with this.

Just right click where people are if you don't instantly see it and you'll almost certainly find them.

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