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Lord Sibley
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Lord Sibley

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I have been trying to get the "Imcando Magic can't melt Elder Rune Boots" achievement.

I'm level 106 smithing

I made Elder Rune Boots +5 and still I could not get the heat to drop to zero before the boots were fully made!

Anyone got this achievement and can offer some advise?

The wiki says it's easier at level 98 and lower and advised making +4/+5 boots to get the achievement at my level. But I had made the boots before the heat was at zero so couldn't use superheat spell on them.

Is there anything that will temporarily lower my smithing stats to 98?

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Dy the Great
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Dy the Great

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That's an option but I was able to do the elder boot achievement without draining my stats. Make sure you aren't using the prayer and make sure you have no injector bonus from the artisan workshop. The rune boots +5 should get to 0 with only a few hits left before finishing them. We are all made from the same thread.

17-Jan-2019 21:04:51

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