Steadfast boot oversight?

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Dilbert2001 said:
Elder rune boots and Steadfast boots are different beasts essentially.

Not only are Steadfast non-degradable, it can't be upgraded to T92 boots.
Elder Rune can't be upgraded to t92 either, so I'm not sure what you're trying to say here.

Dilbert2001 said:
The non-degradable nature of Steadfast Boots will keep them in some demand of some players who don't want to spend much. However, being not upgradeable will hurt its value more, so its demand goes down and so is its price.

Dilbert, Steadfast boots are upgradeable to emberkeen boots, which are t90 power armor boots. These are degradeable. Since emberkeen is less desirable, the price in steadfast drops. You can read the rest of the thread to find out more about this.

IMO the solution would be to give emberkeen boots a special effect or add a lifepoint bonus to them. Give emberkeen a niche.
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15-Jan-2019 23:24:22

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