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Cachal said:
Well to be honest if you could empty your ore box on deposit boxes or portable deposit boxes it would also be, in my opinion, a bit too much. The truth is ore boxes are already a great advantage, the option to do what you are asking for is very comfortable but will take away a bit of the experience that is, or should be, inherent to runescape that is the grinding aspect of the game. A lot of update are made to make players feel more comfortable in game, making their tasks easier, but when it becomes too easy it stops beeing fun.
This is only my opinion.

With a bit of juggling you can have and load two ore boxes in your inventory. When you deposit one ore box in a portable deposit box it also empties the other one that’s in your inventory.

The only thing is you have to drop a box on the floor before you can fill the other one then pick it up again. However the one you drop and then eventually deposit only needs to be bronze...even if your main one is elder.

Probably be patched at some point if not already.

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