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RemijmNL said:
So, as a retired runescape player, I was saving up bulk of runite ore for later use. Since this ore was quite stable, this seemed a good investment. Today, I was emailed by Jagex about the mining and smithing update, which got my attention. Reading the patch notes, I guess the value of rune has dropped quite hard. Logging in, I hear rumours of 1k ea....

Question is, who is going to refund 90% price drop of my bank..... 150k rune ore used to be over 1500m. Now it is only worth 10%!!!!!

Since I hear rune armour is refunded, why has rune ore not been changed to tokens, resulting in a clean sheet for everyone....

Not looking for sympathy, just wondering if the update was compeletely overthought

If you Sell it quick, you should be able to still make quite a bit of it back, since its still needed for the Elder Rune.
Maybe 6-7k a bar if you're lucky.
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07-Jan-2019 20:57:33

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