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I will start with the mining and Smithing rework is great one of the best updates in a while BUT.... What has it done to P.V.M Slayer and Bossing mainly.

Skillers have benefited from the rework but players who only like P.V.M are left out, For example.
Vindicta used to drop the rune kite shields with a drop of around 300k to 380k. Now its Runeite stone spirits which is around 13k. Like its terrible money now you spend more on Overloads and charges for invention gear. IS there going to be a fix to this in the near future???? for example adding New Armour drops to P.V.M and not just make them craft-able???

Slayer tasks have been a little better with the new spring cleaner options but some people liked the rune drops mainly for dissembling as it was free to do now we have to spend ages making a piece of rune armour just for the option to dissemble it.

Well that's my ranting done :):):):):););););):):):):)

28-Jan-2019 07:25:29

James Rakei
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your not wrong bro,

But in PVM you ain't going to make money at bosses like vindy. people don't go for the consistent money because at best i think i was only getting about 5-6m a hour which is nothing compared to endgame bosses. bosses like vindy you go to get a lance, otherwise its a waste of time.

e.g if you went to vorago yes some of the rune drops are now stone spirits BUT you are still getting over 10m loot per kill because of the tect ens. and this week teams should be getting 6 kills a hour....50 to 60m a hour guarunteed without a rare dropping / people.

basically, try not waste time at GWD2 or below otherwise youll never make money.

28-Jan-2019 07:56:22

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Its not just drops from easy bosses like Vindy that have been nerfed tho. A lot of bosses that take a bit more effort than vindy kill like Telos, Raxi and Yaka have all been nerfed too.

29-Jan-2019 20:13:53

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Actually ore spirits replaced ore drops, vind previously dropped a lot of rune and coal ore thus giving us runite and coal spirits after the update.

Rune kiteshields were replaced with large rune salvage plates, this is not a bad drop honestly, it has alch value so it retains value.

The problem is with ore spirits, they do not belong everywhere, they cannot hold value while being so widespread on loot tables. Ore spirits should only be dropped by monsters relating to the mining skill or by monsters you would normally kill to get items for the mining skill. Examples: giant mole, dwarfs, rock crabs, living rock creatures, cave goblin miners.
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