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"Ethereal head pieces now correctly identify if a player has a wicked outfit set stored inside a player-owned house."

But there's still a bug that prevents storing the outfit.

14-Aug-2017 12:43:54

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I don't know how to submit a bug report, but every few seconds, my game would freeze up (for lack of a better term), immediately go to "loading map". I have very fast Internet, and it takes not even 3 seconds for it to to load the map, but I'm not walking anywhere, just on a slayer task in a dungeon. It didn't used to do this before the update. It didn't even do this outside the dungeon. Idk if it's just dungeons, or what.

14-Aug-2017 12:47:11

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Jun Yan said:
Fix ice cream bug please. I'm tired of logging out after eating an ice cream for it to count.

I have 35 clawdia kills in 2017 and 5 in 2016. Does that add up to 40?

Sadly no, you will need 50 clawdias on the same year to get the title, trust me, I got it 2 days ago x)
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14-Aug-2017 12:52:31

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Our chat box is still broken. A line of text will overhang into the line below it, this is most noticeable when the text contains characters like "y", "g" or "p". When you try to fix something, could you at least be bothered to fix it properly and not leave it in a half broken state, like you always do..?

14-Aug-2017 13:17:42 - Last edited on 14-Aug-2017 13:26:19 by Recursion93

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Mod Stu

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Raider480 said:
Does opening up metal crossbows to f2p also include the respective off-hand variants?

That's been implemented and QAed, and awaiting copy for a future update. (Just narrowly missed the window for this week's build.)

14-Aug-2017 13:31:10

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Futas said:
Dark Jamzi said:
please fix thermometers on beach.
Beth said:
Fix thermometers please and give us the thermometer caps that didn't count because of the glitch or remove the 3 daily ice cream limit! I'm 3 thermometers short from unlocking the 2015 swimming costume till the end of August and I have capped everyday since day one!
I also have this problem ^
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14-Aug-2017 13:40:07

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Now can we fix the Malevolent Platebody (Shadow) on the shoulder for males and the purple light up effects on females. Only been trying to get it fixed for over a year now. Paid alot of money in game for an item to be graphically glitched... Not like we can just resell it.

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