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The update is a vast improvement to the way it was. There are bound to be a few things that need tweaking, but the vast majority I've talked to like the update overall.

So far I've made ore boxes and killed some Chaos Dwogres and Chaos Dwarves for a dragon pickaxe, which I didn't know I was going to need yet another of, I already used 2 per account to make crystal pickaxes, and now I need 2 more for each account which I'm not real happy about, but I'll get them eventually. It gives me new things to do and to learn for the game, and Mining and Smithing should be a lot more useful and makes more sense on the levels to make items now.

PVM no longer produces more ores than mining or armour that should be made through Smithing, and I like that. Non combat skills should be better for earning GP than they have been, and PVM is still profitable enough to be worth doing, its about time players can make useful items and earn GP through other things than combat, but that doesn't ruin PVM, there are still unique drops that only come from PVM and will be required for best in slot items, so PVM will still be profitable.

If you are someone who only does bossing, maybe you could try some other things not involving combat and you might even like them.

Believe it or not, Smithing used to be more profitable than PVM almost 18 years ago. I'm glad to see Smithing finally be useful and hopefully profitable again.

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