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The gravite shortbow does about half the damage it's supposed to do.

Result of the following change:
The Gravite shortbow is now a Gravite chargebow.

Cause of the problem:
The chargebow does not require arrows now, but lacks the damage bonus that arrows used to give.

Add the damage from arrows to the default damage of the Gravite chargebow:
- Rune arrow damage (tier 50) would bring the damage of the Gravite chargebow back to the damage of the Gravite shortbow + rune arrow before the change.
- 'Gravite arrow' (tier 55) damage would be more fitting for a Gravite weapon.

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Thank you for finally moving the legacy dungeon map :)

Nice update for making potions with 1 click and any chance same can be done for making unfinished potions?

Legacy chat box still breaks when you get any cut screen and removes top and bottom 2 lines like when you jump into the spa pools, some boss rooms and dungeons, relogging fixes it but gets annoying having to do that every time.

08-May-2018 18:38:04

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