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"Your interfaces will no longer be closed in Dungeoneering when someone goes through a door."

Much better! Thanks! :)

Btw: After I keepsaked my flame gloves, and lit all 14 beacons again, I can't reobtain them, can you fix this?
King Roald said I have already claimed them, and they are not in my bank, or at Diango.

30-Apr-2018 12:29:14

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Eddy Razor said:
Pity, I liked the ectophial mechanics. Another example of dumbing the game down, sacrificing believability for convenience.

I kinda agree with this. Since the ectophial automatically refills, I'm unsure what the point of this change was?

Feel free to enlighten me if I'm missing something.

30-Apr-2018 12:34:55

icy milk
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Used to get the c0000000x error 50% of the time opening the client, now it wont open at all :(

Edit: it finally opened after about 30 tries

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The Bald
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NXT hasn't been working properly (or at all, more often than not) for the past couple of weeks; hopefully, this week's patch sorts that out. Will update as needed -- if needed -- when I get on my laptop shortly hereafter.

In the meantime, thank you very much for making Fremmy Boots 4 actually worth the bank slot now.

Flumpybear said:
Feel free to enlighten me if I'm missing something.

If you interrupted the refill animation by clicking outside the box, it wouldn't auto-refill and you had to make your way back there to refill it manually. Kind of annoying, but it only happened to me once or twice in my entire RS "career" and I'm kind of impatient so I don't think it warranted a change... If only to retain the refill animation, which (presumably) was pretty cool. :|

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"Fixed an issue that caused textures to not load in properly for some players. (A cache re-download may be required.)"

Unfortunately this "fix" didn't work, i deleted and redownloaded the cache and the issue that's been going on since that warmfix last month or whenever it was still persists lol. Guess i'm still stuck in compatibility mode. :/

30-Apr-2018 13:02:02

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