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The Bald said:
NXT hasn't been working properly (or at all, more often than not) for the past couple of weeks; hopefully, this week's patch sorts that out. Will update as needed -- if needed -- when I get on my laptop shortly hereafter.

In the meantime, thank you very much for making Fremmy Boots 4 actually worth the bank slot now.

Flumpybear said:
Feel free to enlighten me if I'm missing something.

If you interrupted the refill animation by clicking outside the box, it wouldn't auto-refill and you had to make your way back there to refill it manually. Kind of annoying, but it only happened to me once or twice in my entire RS "career" and I'm kind of impatient so I don't think it warranted a change... If only to retain the refill animation, which (presumably) was pretty cool. :|

Hence why I have 50+ of them in the bank. Because I'm not going to go back and refill it.

30-Apr-2018 21:22:55

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Fixed an issue that caused textures to not load in properly for some players. (A cache re-download may be required.)

Joke of the year, still broken. Thanks anyway, I'll come back in a few months to see if you guys have cared enough to actually fix it yet.
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30-Apr-2018 22:07:18

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~Corrected a typo when confirming that you wish to teleport with the Modified farmer's hat.

Yay. :
P I reported this a while ago and was like when is it going to be fixed? I always wonder if I'm the only one to report something? lol.
It was "ectofunctus", the second c does not belong.

And coincidentally I already noticed my ectophial didn't empty.

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01-May-2018 02:54:26

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