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Steelweaver said:
Removing them would mean having to rebalance every droptable in the game.

Extremely not feasible.

This. It's not just as simple as removing them cuz that'd make all of the other drops much more common, crashing the price, and then you'll be back to where ya started in terms of profit averages from the falling of prices.

Plus I find it funny how it was asked more to add higher level spirits and after doing so, they complain they just want em removed.

They could have just replaced it (and presuming going to continue into the future through other resources) with pure "nothing" drops or other random junk that barely sells like back in the old days, but they at least tried to give something with potential value rather than blank nothing drops.

PvM doesn't necessarily have to profit each kill/trip, it all averages out once you get the "big" drops. If anything it retains the unique items' value longer as not everyone will have the skills/resources to maintain a longer dry streak; lowering the amount of people wanting to boss, therefor keeping the supply down/prices up on these items for longer.

This is how it used to be, and seems to be the direction the game is going back towards. Adapt or quit, as has been the calling card for every other change made in this game to people that gripe about it.

29-Jan-2019 19:28:19

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