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Good morning Jagex,

I haven't posted a lot in recent years, and when I have, I am an admitted curmudgeon -- often cynical.

I am an Old School miner, my first 99 was Mining back before a lot of the updates that are taken for granted today: lava flow mine, LRC, etc. I was part of the contingent that asked for a M/S update and waited ... and waited ... and waited, while you passed it over, didn't listen or didn't take the want seriously, prioritized other things, etc. And I lost interest, I only half-heartedly looked at the latest betas, I did not pay attention to design docs, social media, forum threads. If I had, maybe I would have been less skeptical.

I've not had a chance to dig in too deeply yet, but I have shocked myself by really, really enjoying this update. I'm no longer certain about progression and what exactly I'm getting xp for when I swing the pick, but I'm fine with it. I am a bit lost on ore location reworks but that's just resulting in the fun of re-exploring old areas.

This is how I want skilling updates to progress: thorough and thoughtful, making skills playable and enjoyable on the free time I have to spend. At this point, I am completely glad the community responded as it did and forced us to wait a little longer to do a complete rework.

I have just one request at this time, and I admit this may be something I just have to get used to, but: Is there any way we can peek into the ore/bar bank at a regular bank? I love the fact that so much space is freed up, but I also liked looking into my bank and seeing what I had stockpiled in ores and bars -- and planning for what I needed at times. Yes, it's not that hard to go find an ore bank. This would just be an added convenience, if easy, sometime down the road.

Let's get a Woodcutting/Fletching, and Fishing/Cooking rework going!

Thanks again for your time and hard work on this.

10-Jan-2019 09:56:45

Aqua Star

Aqua Star

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I've not had a chance to dig in too deeply yet,

I have and bored now, so ill go back to fishing and wcing, so leave us in peace pls. No support at all.
Also once again, just go to a different area if you dont like the "spam".

Nothing will come from complaining about it.

10-Jan-2019 12:58:08



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Agreed. The one thing I'm missing from the mining and smithing rework is interconnectivity with PvM. The stone spirits situation leaves much to be desired. I'd much rather have some obscure ore or tooth or whatever from an enemy that could be incorporated into high level smithing items. Think like godswords, but with a greater emphasis on a combination of a large number of high level bars and a few pvm drops here and there.

The only way it was incorporated was with the end-game masterwork armor using torva and malevolent.

Would be nice to have things like that across the board though rather than just endgame.

A very minor gripe though, almost everything else is great.
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15-Jan-2019 02:34:02

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