M&S Update - Loving It!

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0mniscient said:
Game's shit now. No matter how you slice it, this is a turn off to the pvm community, and possibly a fatal blow.


Just gotta remember something. "Relic Gear" will still BE BETTER than player created gears, even the Trimmed Fitted Masterwork set! IDK what you're smoking, but utility and versatility just got a swift kick in the ass with this rework, and for the better!
Dragon armors now power gear.
Bandos is still great mid-game gear.
Barrows is still vital and viable for its set effects in particular situations and instances...and for invention.

ALL t80 gear is still a mile/marker stone for end-game. Quit your whining and complaining. RUN with what the game now has to offer and take advantage of it all for everything its worth...which is a LOT!

How many hours do you think it would take one to traditionally go from 98 - 99 mining? Prior to update...?
Now it can be done in a matter of 12 - 18 hours with BXP and XP boosting artifacts.

Smithing is still a nightmare, as to efficiently level, gotta make a ton of +'d or Burial Armors.
Great XP, HUGE cash sink, Everyone wins.

You done?
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