Wheres my bandos?

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So most my bossing/slayer tab got converted into item tokens, OK that's fine. But i searched "ban" on my bank to discover that my bandos is gone and i only have banite items and ores? I definetly had the full set i havent used it since i got malevolent but its on about the 6th row of my first bank tab as it used to be one of my slayer presets. I scroll past it all the time and i definetly did not sell it.

I got the BCP as a drop at my 99 def party (first 99) way back when the gwd first came out i've been playing this game 13 years and i've kept that BCP in my bank as a memory, I dont care about the tassets the boots or whatever.. i dont care that the smithing update has made them obsolete.. can i please have them back?

09-Jan-2019 21:09:12

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You may be wearing it, or your account may have been hijacked, or you logged into the wrong game, OSRS vs RS3, or its on a different account, or you put it in your player owned house, or you could have died when skulled and lost it. Hi.

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