Patch Notes - 03/04

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Emmett Snake said:
Thanks for the update! However, please make the wilderness sword on the action bar default teleport to Edgeville again.

Mod Harrison said he see about it:
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04-Apr-2018 02:36:37

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Mod Chaose said:
Ethereal199 said:
I AM Alex said:
Why is excess lost when combining 2 augmented items, which would normally degrade to dust. This means that to add charges to a piece of gear the other piece would have to be used first to reduce charges to not have excess for not losing any...My suggestion would be an overflow instead which can go up to 150 or 200%

Yeah, it means that you'd have to use a fresh piece when the item charge reaches as close as possible to 0%, to be as economical as possible. Or maybe it's also possible to combine when one of them reaches the "broken state"?

Correct, you can combine with 0%/inert ones to fully charge them back up. They don't go totally inert at 0% unless they're also already Level 10+ so they's some leeway with that.
So t90 power items that have used up all charge & are level 10+ can still be saved by using another of the same piece on it?
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04-Apr-2018 10:04:30

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You guys should just remove the old grapple hidey-holes now, I guess. They're redundant now.

I think we should just be able to add unaugmented t90 gear to the augmented versions to recharge them, which didn't seem to be covered here. If it's an issue with needing to have that extra energy sink, just make it require the energies in the inventory.
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04-Apr-2018 15:01:33

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Cosmetic overrides of task items have been added to the wardrobe. Keepsaked items have also been removed and a key refunded.

Does anyone else have this problem now: Everytime I equip the Ardy cloak 4 it automatically adds it as a cosmetic override. At least it seems like it, because if I equip another cape (or nothing at all) it still keeps the look of the Ardy cloak. I can't delete the override with the right-click option, but have to delete every override and add the ones I like to have again.
It's somewhat annoying, since I wear the Ardy cloak for clues. After I'm done with them I still have to run around with the override as long as I don't delete it manually. And tbh it's not the most beautiful cape out there.

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Awesome Ninja Fixes :)

However the Barrows brother bobbleheads, when used overriding a familiar, does not show Rise of the Six killcount.(Like the regular follower pet versions do and all other boss pets)
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04-Apr-2018 19:30:50

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