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LootScape will be enabled for this stream, and as a special Christmas treat, the Cheer Hunter outfit will be a guaranteed drop for everyone. Enjoy!

Cant Wait
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18-Dec-2017 14:05:03

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The new poll really shows how PVM/bossing dominated that this game has become. Jagex must move away from this immediately. Twitter - @tomcuthbert__
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18-Dec-2017 14:11:30

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Definitely been a rough year

*keeps beating the dead hornless unicorn*
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18-Dec-2017 14:17:25

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Menaphos said:
Ahura said:
So if you can't be online this tuesday you can't get it with a 100% chance?

People who are dead or haven't been born yet can't get it either :/
Still unfair that it's basically a one time chance only. The G-nome event lasts more than 1 week!
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18-Dec-2017 14:17:37

Sir Thatcher

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Merry Christmas Jagex! Don't worry about the updates Christmas and family should come first. Glad some companies still keep that in mind. I enjoyed the puns keep it up!

(Also side-note while we are discussing updates; could we get a ninja fix to special attack weapons making their specials right clickable from the inventory? Or maybe allow us to upgrade them to level 80,85,90 degradable? With higher levels having more upgrade material required. I think it would revive dead content as well as having the upgrade material be an item of value for lower level players to sell. Maybe have it drop from all the trash slayer tasks.)

Warm Regards, Sir Thatcher

18-Dec-2017 15:54:31

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