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Mike Saxxx
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Mike Saxxx

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The crystal siphons don't work on augmented pickaxe of earth and song. Was wondering if this was intentional or not? They work with crystal pickaxes, which is used to make the earth and song.

09-Jan-2019 20:10:48

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They're t90 anyway, the entire purpose of crystal siphons is to get t90 equivalent siphon xp from t70 items. Surely you can just use a normal siphon for the same reward as crystal siphons gave on crystal pickaxes?

09-Jan-2019 20:39:58

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I see it as this: The Pickaxe of earth and song is NOT a crystal tool (as those are T70) and as such cannot be siphoned by a crystal tool siphon. Be happy, the equipment siphon is ~1/9 the cost per siphon and still reward 621k invention xp, same as crystal tool siphon on a crystal tool.
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09-Jan-2019 22:22:31

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