Anyone got t3 town hall?

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I don't know if it's mathematically possible that anyone has it yet because we all started at the same time and that means aside from the bank box and lodestone, you have to build town hall, store house and sleep quarters one tier at a time. The benefits are listed in the tier descriptions, but many people are probably more concerned about finishing it off for comp and upgrading all buildings to T3 for comp (t) than they are about the specific benefits. I can't speak for everyone though some, like me, are looking forward to some of the benefits. :-)

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I predict that the compacted resource drops will also yield more resources with the upgraded town hall.

What I am more interested in is if someone has upgraded the spa, hunter lodge, slayer lodge or player lodge to tier 2 and if so, what the resource requirements for tier 3 are.

This will allow one to narrow down how long it takes to complete all buildings.
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Someone on the subreddit seems to have gotten it.

Rune shop (300 of each elemental, 100 Mind/Body, 30 Chaos, 10 Death) and Gem shop (which actually has stock) that goes up to Diamond for Uncut (5 of each) and D'stone for pre-cut (10 of everything but D'stone, 1 D'stone).

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