100+ armour tokens to spend!!!

Quick find code: 15-16-903-66074566

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Man For God

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I got stuck with 159,000 adamant armour tokens, and it takes 2 clicks and some delay to spend 50 tokens at a time. This is going to take an impossibly long time to get my money back...
We NEED a "BUY X" option on salvage armour, desperately.

Why did Orikalkum not replace Dragon or vice versa? Seems a bit odd to have two red tier 60 armours.

(Rants below)
Not to mention I had 25k adamantite ores and they went from 950gp to 250gp overnight. Nice 18m+ loss.

Plus the G.E. price of the ~3,000 adamant items I had (Kiteshields at ~6900 each) now alch for 6000 each worth of adamant salvage, taking another 3M loss.

10-Jan-2019 23:19:54

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