Armour Spike GONE after death?

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Hello, I just wanted to point this out and hoping this is the right post, if not let me know. Thanks

So I had 5k Armour Spike on my equipment with Trimmed Masterwork set. I went over to the ripper demon area to test out. Somehow I died so quickly by the ripper demons and spawned to Death’s office. I paid the amount gp to recover my items. But I notice the armour spike wasn’t in my equipments. I quickly teleported to the location where I died. My summoning yak dropped all my rocktails, I right-click to see the list, I do not see the armour spike. I went to my bank thinking it I might have left it, but it’s not there, not even through search. I wanted to know if it’s true that if you died while equipped armour spike, you LOSE the armour spike without retrieving. Help?
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17-Jan-2019 12:19:14

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Yes they are Permanently lost on death like normal chinchomaps. Don't trust a rose by it's appearance, it's thorns will still sting you.

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17-Jan-2019 13:28:25

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